Melatonin, Inflammation, & Age Related Decline

Cognitive Decline and Alzheimers Disease

by nijocamus

Best Life magazine had this to say about melatonin, anti-aging, and prevention of age related disease:
"Researchers in Spain believe that daily melatonin consumption after age 40 can delay and maybe even prevent many of the illnesses related to aging.

Reporting on a study with mice in The Federation of European Biochemical Societies Journal they found that melatonin reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and protects the brain and spinal cord from age-related decline.

Melatonin, a natural hormone produced in the brain and famous for affecting sleep, is available as a supplement in synthetic form, but researchers say it's better to get it from food sources such as cherries, walnuts, bananas, oats, rice, ginger, green tea, sage, and thyme."

Cognitive Decline

There has also been studies which have shown that inflammation is the cause for many cognitive issues so I find it no surprise that general age-related decline might be affected by a simple reduction in bodily inflammation. In addition to the increased intake of melatonin (either through vitamin supplements or diet) as a means to decrease inflammation you can also look into cutting caloric intake, popping a few more ibuprofen than otherwise, and making sure to floss more often. Of course bananas and oatmeal for breakfast is a nice way to start the day... so long as a cup of coffee is involved. :)

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