Enlarged Prostate May Benefit From Daily Aspirin

Prostate Cancer and Aspirin

As Reported in Best Life:
"That daily aspirin you are taking for your heart may also be good for your prostate. A preliminary study of 2,500 men suffering from enlarged prostates, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, shows that a daily aspirin is associated with a 50 percent reduction in urinary problems. Researchers theorize that the drug might work by reducing prostate cell growth or increasing the natural death of these cells, but it is too early to know for sure."

Researchers led by Jenny St. Sauver and Eric Jacobs concluded in the publication that it didn't really matter what NSAID was being taken because they were statistically the same. It should be noted that the aspirin or NSAIDs did not shrink the prostate but that it decreased it's growth by about 50 percent and decreased frequent urination problems by about 35 percent.

They also said that Aspirin should not be taken as a precaution for cancer but should be considered in cases where aspirin might be an effective preventative measure for other ailments such as cardiovascular disease. This is just something to keep in mind when dealing with an enlarged prostate or when trying to prevent prostate cancer in the first place.

Best Life, January 2007
American Journal of Epidemiology, August 2006

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