Spray-On Sunscreen and Vitamin D

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Spray-On Sunscreen Is Better Than Cream

Considering the summer is upon us I thought it would be prudent to disclose the following potentially useful factoid for frolicking outdoors. When you spend time in the sun this summer, be it at the beach, hiking, or whatever it is that you do you’ll no doubt apply sunscreen to your exposed skin. Did you know however that if you use a cream application you will not be as protected from the suns cancerous UVB rays as you would be if you used a spray-on sunscreen.

The reasoning is quite simple and can likely be deduced by anyone but it is because creams do not go on evenly. They go on thick in some places, thin in others, and it accumulates in wrinkles, lines, and skin folds. The spray-on varieties go on all areas of the skin evenly and as a result they maximize the effectiveness of the product. You can never be completely sure you’re covering up properly but if you use a spray-on sunscreen you can be sure your doing better more times than not.

Don't Apply Sunscreen Too Early

Keep in mind though, the sun is not all bad though. It aids the body in the production of vitamin D and people as a whole often don’t get enough sun however it is important to moderate everything and thus you should only be in the sun for 15-20 minutes at a time without putting sunscreen on. Personally I try to go without sunscreen for the first 20 minutes I’m outside and then I apply the sunblock. By doing this my body takes in the rays it needs to prevent skin cancer in the first 15-20 minutes and then blocks out the unnecessary rays that cause cancer in excess.

I look at UVB rays a lot like I view alcohol. A little is good for you but know when to say when. Get your sun for a while then cover up right.

If you have any thoughts on the subject share them with our readers. Thanks.

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