Longevity in the News

Longevity is not something you see every day in the news... or at least not in the headline news. You have to kind of search for it. Because of this I figured it would be nice to make this news easy to find and read by offering some recent news on longevity right here on this site. Let me know what you think in the comments.
  • Centenarians Show It's Never Too Late To Tweet - Three percent of U.S. centenarians use Twitter, 10 percent send email, 12 percent share photos online, and four percent downloaded music. Tech's not just for the younger crowd after all.
  • Anti-Aging Study Shows Rapamycin Boosts Longevity - A drug known to suppress the immune system, and possibly inhibit cancer and other destructive aging processes, is the new front runner in federally supported anti-aging studies.
  • Restricting Calories Leads to a Longer Life - A study that began in 1989 and has been conducted for a period of 20 years has shown that monkeys that were fed a reduced-calorie diet lived longer lives than those that were given free reign to eat freely. Additionally, the research has also concluded that the brain health of the animals on the restrictive diet is also better.

Leading Causes of Death

Heart Disease is easily the leading cause of death in America. One of the major contributors to heart disease is cholesterol. See the following posts for more on lowering your risk for heart disease:

How To Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels Naturally

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