Longevity Made Simple: Book Review

Longevity Made Simple: How To Add 20 Good Years To Your Life

The premise behind Longevity Made Simple is that 75 percent of all causes of death are caused by one of ten happenings. The risks of each of these, however, can be minimized through introspection and a little lifestyle modification... or simply shying away from certain lifestyle changes that you have not yet made.

The early sections of Longevity Made Simple identify the main causes of death, which inspired my post on the same subject, and then it goes on to identify how you can identify your risks associated with these causes of death. Point being, if you know what you are at risk for you can take steps to prevent it and safely extend your life expectancy.

The middle portion deals primarily with how you can manage your risks and what you can do to balance the work versus reward of preventative maintenance of your body through means of diet, exercise, habits, and mental health. Topics touched on include alcohol, tobacco, food, exercise, etc.

Finally the authors, Dr. Richard Flanigan and Kate Flanigan Sawyer, "put it all together" by providing supplemental information regarding the benefits of certain medications, vitamins, and nutritional supplements. The doctors advise what is necessary what goals should be set and how to monitor your health through preventative tests. A basic life-plan is laid out to assist in preventing disease and extending active good years to your life. An afterward of heart-healthy meals and food prep ideas have even been packed into this book to completely round out the sound longevity advice this book has to offer.

Some Thoughts In Review

As I read Longevity Made Simple I found that though it covers many scientific and medically sophisticated topics is was remarkable easy to read and very entertaining. The sections were broken up often with graphs and illustrations, boxed sub-stories. The material was light enough for a lay-person and heavy enough for a post-doc and all information was cited and referenced thoroughly, supported by research and clinical findings.

I enjoyed the book and hope you will pick up a copy via Amazon or your local library. Trust me, you can read this book in a few days very easily. Happy reading!

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Note to Reader: The link to this book above are Amazon affiliate links. Regardless, however, this book is a superior read and if money is an obstacle to you I strongly recommend finding these books at your local library. Thanks.

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