Coffee Consumption Decreases Stroke Risks

I recently found a nice CBS interview and discussion with Dr. Jennifer Ashton regarding the health benefits of coffee. Recent research findings by the UCLA Stroke Center, funded by the NIH, have shown that increasing the amount of coffee you drink has a direct affect on lowering your chances for having a stroke.

The cause of the benefits are unclear as they may be tied to the antioxidants in coffee, the caffeine, or the benefits may even be linked through the indirect benefit of coffee increasing the health of arteries. Despite the undetermined cause of the benefits the positive association is strong and duly noted.

Health Benefits of Coffee

From the below interview, the positive benefits of coffee are:
  1. Decreased Risk of Stroke
  2. Reduced Risk for Diabetes
  3. Reduced Risk for Parkinson's Disease
  4. Helps Treat Headaches
  5. Boosts Concentration
  6. Boosts Athletic Performance
  7. Improves Asthma
Additionally coffee consumption has been shown to decrease risks of liver cancer and cognitive impairment.

Dr. Ashton finally concludes in this interview that there is the risk for short term increase in heart rate and blood pressure with coffee consumption but that she's not dropping her consumption any time soon.

I'd personally like to add that all this is pointless banter when we drink coffee that's bogged down with spoonfuls of sugar and/or cream. Drink it black and it's quite healthy; bog it down with additives and you might as well just pop a caffeine pill for the quick jolt.

Coffee and Stroke Video

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