How To Live A Longer Life - Two Months Down

To update my site statistics as I happily reported this time last month I'm very pleased to report significant month-over-month improvement in visitors and subscribers. For those of you who are subscribed to this blog I would like to offer you my sincerest thanks for sticking with me in the beginning while I iron things out, experiment, and develop my brand.

How To Live A Longer Life went live on the 11th of May; since then I have posted 88 entries, 7 of which are site pages which don't really count however. Over the past month I've networked a bit more with a few bloggers as I highlighted some of their work over the past month such as various prose on heart attacks and resveratrol. I also expanded my research on professional blogging by becoming a regular reader of Thanks for the vast pool of quality content Darren! Your archives are a gold mine of information.

In addition to Darren I also found a number of sites that have made it into my daily RSS reader, all of which have offered significant inspiration to me in my posts and research. Notably I have been reading Healthy Hearts by Heartstrong as well as Laurel on Health Food, a blog similar to mine (in my opinion). I encourage my readers to check out these two sites and read them often. I find them to have quality material to offer on a routine basis.

For the month of June, this site’s second month of operations I managed to:
  • Setup this site with a custom domain

  • Improved the self-designed site template

  • Setup How To Live A Longer Life on Twitter (@alongerlife)

  • Posted 46 entries up from 41 in May

  • Received 510 unique visitors to the site up from 53 in May

  • Was found in search results 265 times up from 8 in May

  • Was included in 10 blog carnivals up from 3 in May

  • Increased subscriber count to 7 from 4 in May
These results month-over-month are quite significant and very exciting. I've really enjoyed watching the progress as things look better week after week and now month after month. June was still a very early month for this site and there was a lot of tweaking going on and a lot of indexing going on in the search engines. Late in June I got my first PageRank by Google and I hope this vote of confidence will help continue driving traffic at a faster clip and that my brand and content will begin to resonate more with my regular readers. For now I will continue to celebrate early accomplishments and take it one day at a time.

In the coming month in addition to expanding my pool of content I'd like to begin more significantly networking with similar writers. I'd like to feature some guest posts and outside site reviews so look forward to those as I can get them set up. And if you'd like to be featured on this site as a Guest Author please contact me via email with your proposal.

Thanks again to my readers and especially to my subscribers! I hope you’ll take the time to help publicize this site. Email it to your friends, link to articles, post to Facebook, and leave comments… and feel free to pose questions to me for future topics or items to feature on the site. Thanks, and here’s to a great June!

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