Not Treating Prostate Cancer

Not Treating Prostate Cancer

Treating prostate cancer is a delicate decision that your doctor is most qualified to advise you on. You may however find it odd to hear that not treating the condition is best for the time being. The reason is often due to the fact that prostate cancer is ver slow growing and sometimes treating prostate cancer is worse than letting it stew for a while.

Follow along with the findings of this study that suggest that not treating prostate cancer might be the way to go at first... and if you don't have prostate cancer you may want to read up on some handy prostate cancer prevention tips to keep you occupied in your good health.

No Prostate Treatment May Be The Best Prostate Treatment
"Prostate cancer is often a slow-growing tumor that can take years to affect the health of the patient, and the treatment can do more damage than the disease (incontinence, anyone?). That’s why Swedish researchers tracked a group of men with low-stage tumors, grades, and PSA scores, who opted to skip treatment. Four years later, 66 percent of the men continued fending off the cancer without treatment. It may seem frightening to opt out of cancer treatment, but men should consider their doctors' advice if a wait-and-see strategy is recommended."
Proste Cancer Treatment & Mood
Interestingly, not knowing you have a small tumor might be further better for you because it can keep you in good spirits. As some other studies have concluded, a healthy mood might do more good for your health than worrying about a low-stage, slow-growth tumor sitting in your abdomen for a couple extra years. Stayng positive can help with many condition including heart attack recovery times.  Then again… it is a gamble to do nothing, just try to think positive no matter what you do.

This quote originated from the March 2009 issue of Best Life magazine.

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