Mild Cognitive Impairment Risk

Reduce Your Risk for Mild Cognitive Impairment

Mild cognitive impairment is a condition where you have trouble connecting the dots if you will.  Preventing cognitive impairment is not necessarily the same thing as preventing dementia or Alzheimer's but it is similar. 

According to the studies referenced below you can reduce your risks of mild cognitive impairment by drinking more coffee and decrease your risks of other physical impairments by drinking light to moderately.

Cognitive Impairment Studies

Moderate alcohol consumption in your fifties will help reduce the likelihood of suffering from a disability as you age. Research published in the American Journal of Epidemiology found that light to moderate drinkers had 25 percent lower odds of physical impairments that would prevent them from carrying out daily activities such as household chores compared with abstainers.

Chase your cocktail with a shot of espresso to get extra brain protection: A Finnish study found that drinking three to five cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of cognitive impairment by 65 percent.

There are additional studies which show that drinking moderately can also increase Omega-3 levels... the key in both cases is to drink routinely but keep the volume moderate to low.  Also remember that mild cognitive impairment is not the same as sever development issues such as Rett Syndrome or other related developmental issues.  These cannot be influenced with something as simple as your diet.  Lastly, I encourage you to read up on this potential cause of Alzheimer's disease.

This quote originated from the May 2009 issue of Best Life magazine:

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