Plaque Build Up In The Arteries

I have always had a strange fear that I would get some form of heart disease since I was a fairly young child. It’s strange I know but it was because I had sharp chest pains periodically when I was growing up so severe that we spoke with physicians about them. My doctor had me keep a journal of the chest pains and ran various tests on me but no diagnosis could ever be determined. Since then I still get them but my doctor still sees nothing abnormal about my heart or cardiovascular system and isn't concerned with arterial plaque build up.

Physically Fit with Clogged Arteries

plaque build up in arteriesMy story however seems as if it could apply directly to the following information on arterial plaque build up and arterial hypertension published in Best Life's March 2009 issue:
"When fit guys like Jim Fixx drop dead from clogged arteries, it’s easy to dismiss the heart-healthy benefits of exercise. In fact, previous research has been unable to show any measurable link between exercise and artery thickness (a sign of plaque build up in arteries). So German researchers recently looked into the effect of exercise on a different sign of plaque build up in arteries: the roughness or arteries.
When they compared ultrasound scans of the arteries of physically active patients with those of couch potatoes, they found that the arteries of fit guys were 11 percent smoother, despite there being no difference in thickness. These findings suggest that researchers have been looking at the wrong factor when measuring the progression of plaque build up… and that is a good prescription for artery health."

Living With Plaque Build Up In Arteries

Aside from the fact that my family doesn’t have a history of heart disease and that I’m not a couch potato this makes me wonder if I should ask my doctor about artery smoothness and see if she has any opinion on the subject. I'm also reminded that just because you exercise doesn't mean you are destined to have a disease free longer life.

Though exercise does increase your chances for increased lifespan and greater longevity it is also no guarantee. Generally exercise will decrease your risk for early death but this is simply a risk statistic and it never disappears. Plaque build up is always a potential issue.  No amount of prevention is totally perfect; we just do what we can and hope we live longer.

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In a related subject those people that are concerned about their own heart health might consider periodic walking breaks throughout the day to minimize their chances of developing sleep apnea which could increase your risk for heart disease.

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