Balancing Healthy Sperm DNA with Sperm Count

All men are interested in having higher sperm count… or at least healthy sperm so the following information might be quite interesting to the typical guy.
”Conventional wisdom says that ejaculating every day lowers your sperm count, but that could be a good thing. A recent Australian study found that although sexual droughts (defined as three days without ejaculation) can increase sperm count, they can also harm your little seedlings’ DNA from overexposure to free radicals. In fact, daily ejaculations decrease sperm DNA abnormalities by 12 percent, according to the researchers.”

Because sperm count is decreased in those who ejaculate every day it should take at least a couple days recovery to maintain higher levels of sperm however more than three days according to this study show that abnormalities start occurring at a higher rate if three days between ejaculations are breeched. It is easy to assume from these findings that the best of both worlds would be to have ejaculations every other day on average to boost count while minimizing abnormalities in sperm DNA. Those that are trying their hardest to procreate might want to consider this in their baby making regimen.

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This quote is from the February 2008 issue of Best Life magazine

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