Can Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors?

Cell phone usage and brain tumors have been synonymous in the speculative association of cell users for at least the last twenty years. In that time popular wisdom has told us that we are safe however long-term scientific studies on brain tumors and cell phone usage has been lacking until recently.

Cell Phones & Brain Tumors

As reported in Best Life magazine, February 2008:
"More research has linked the microwaves emitted by cell phones with brain tumors. This study, published in the journal Occupational Environmental Medicine, was the first to analyze the effects of cell phone use over 10 years or more, and the results are sobering. Researchers found that mobile phone users are twice as likely to develop malignant, difficult to treat brain tumors called gliomas. The advice? Keep mobile phone conversations short and use a land line whenever possible."

Reduce Odds of Brian Tumors

To add my personal opinion I'll say that when cell phone usage is directed through a bluetooth earpiece the effects of the damage are likely far diminished as the phone is not touching the head. This is just an assumption but I believe it is spot on and a fair compromise in a world where cell phone usage will not be dropping any time soon. Use your earpieces!

UPDATE: 8/16/2009: I recently posted a list of the 20 lowest radiation cell phones. Using one of these phones with an earpiece will probably be your best defense to to the increased risk for brain tumors. Check it out.


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Occupational Environmental Medicine

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