Increase Omega-3 Levels With Wine

Drinking Wine Can Increase Omega-3 Levels

Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in olive oil, fish oil, and a number of greens such as purslane. Omega-3 levels which are higher are well known to encourage heart health and longevity. You should do just about anything to increase your omega-3 levels.

Findings on Omega-3 Levels
Recent research reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that there are other ways to increase your omega-3 levels without downing more fish-oil pills or loading up on sardines. The study, known as IMMIDIET, was founded by the European Union and tracked the diets and health of 1,600 people from Italy, Belgium, and the UK.

The researchers found that people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol (i.e., two drinks a day for men) have higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood, independent of their fish consumption. The mechanism isn’t clear, but the researchers did find that the association is strongest for wine drinkers, so the antioxidant properties of wine’s polyphenols might have something to do with it.
Increase Your Omega-3 Levels
Considering higher Omega-3 levels might have a positive effect on staving age related brain damage and might help prevent dementia and stroke you might be able to do one better by sipping on a glass or two of wine every day to increase your omega-3 levels in the blood… just don’t drink too much as you can reduce chances of stroke by avoiding binge drinking.  In effect, binge drinking will cancel out the effects of your higher omega-3 levels and you will not likely live a longer life.

This quote originated from the April 2009 issue of Best Life magazine:

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