Knee Pain Relief

Leg Presses Can Relieve Knee Pain

Knee pain is common in people who have arthritis. The knee is a heavily used joint and carrys a lot of weight. If you have kneee pain and want to find kneww pain relief some studies are now showing that simple working them out with weights may help.

On Knee Pain Relief:
"Hit the leg press machine to relieve knee pain. Mayo Clinic researchers tested the quad strength of 265 people with arthritis of the knee over 30 months and found that those with the strongest quads had the least amount of knee pain and 60 percent less risk of losing knee cartilage."

Related to Knee Pain
Considering arthritis not only affects the kneee but rather affects so many different joints and so many different people the assumption that strength training should help arthritis of any kind is easy to make... not to mention their are an innumerable positive associations with exercise including extending life.

This quote originated from the May 2009 issue of Best Life magazine.

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