Walking Breaks & Sleep Apnea

Walking Breaks Can Decrease Your Risk of Sleep Apnea

Do you suffer from sleep apnea and various sleep apnea symptoms? Maybe you should get off your butt a little more often. Studies are beginning to show that taking walking breaks at work and or taking walks around the block at home with Fido can have a great impact on your sleep apnea if you indeed suffer from it.

Benefits of Walking Breaks
"Add sleep apnea to the list of health issues that can result from too much sitting. (Other problems include neck pain, back pain, and varicose veins.) Canadian researchers determined that sitting for long periods increases apnea risk among non-obese men, which helps explain why 60 percent of sufferers are normal weight.

The study revealed that sitting increases the volume of fluid in the legs, and this fluid is shifted to the neck overnight, obstructing airways. Contracting your muscles during the day can help prevent fluid buildup, so make an effort to take a walk around your office every hour. Sleep apnea can increase your risk for high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke."
Walking breaks also help to lower blood pressure and help to lower postpartum depression in women who routinely go for short walks after pregnancy.   Basically taking an extra walking break here and there is just plain good for you.

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Metabolic Syndrome also can increase your risk for heart disease; counter your risk for metabolic syndrome with dairy and additionally eat more fish to decrease your risk for stroke.

This quote originated from the May 2009 issue of Best Life magazine:

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