A Potential MRSA Treatment

MRSA Treatment

Have you ever heard of MRSA? Not a lot of people have but for those who have MRSA and are currently treating MRSA this finding may be very interesting. It seems a potential treatment for MRSA without using antibiotics is potentially on its way.

"MRSA, the skin infection that is spreading in locker rooms across the country, is notoriously resistant to antibiotics, so infections can be deadly. But researchers from the New York Institute of Technology were able to kill the bacteria by zapping them with a wavelength of blue light. The treatment destroyed 90.4 percent of the bacteria colonies in the lab, and researchers expect similar results in patients. This is good news, considering that 32 percent of Americans harbor the bug that causes MRSA, leading to 94,000 infections a year."

MRSA Infection and Longevity

Of course this information cannot directly help you live a longer life but it does give hope to those few that get infected with these bacteria every year. If this treatment is successful in patients then more people will have the opportunity to live long and fruitful lives. And for related information I suggest reading up on some of the many skin care anti aging creams available for healthy skin free of MRSA.

This quote originated from the May 2009 issue of Best Life magazine:

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